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We produce concerts and organise social events

We can also handle all the preparations for your wedding and arrange exciting travel in South Bohemia.

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We can organise the entire wedding or take care of one part of your big day, as you prefer. Together we will find a suitable wedding venue. Tell us what you want, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
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Concerts are the cornerstone of our work. With over 15 years’ experience in the music industry, we can produce your concert from start to finish.
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If you are looking for exciting experiences, you are in the right place. Tell us what you want from your travels and we will create a bespoke programme for you. Discover the beautiful countryside of South Bohemia or come to tickle your tastebuds with our gastronomic delights.
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We also organise both cultural and social events, and professional conferences. We will happily run your event from start to finish, or if you prefer, we will advise on certain parts instead.

MgA. Josef Korda

I am interested in the festival phenomenon, the use of any number of traditional and non-traditional venues for holding concerts, exhibitions or celebrations. I am always looking for ways of marrying music with the visual arts and other artforms. I love to travel and to learn about various approaches to art and production work.

My professional production experience was gained by working on concerts, music festivals and celebrations, and I have also been involved in preparing and managing international cultural projects. As part of my business activities, I have organised concerts and music-and-poetry evenings. I also have experience in working across borders with schools and in tourism.

The services I offer are collaborative: I work with colleagues who are music managers, production agents, wedding planners, florists and guides, all professionals in their fields. I can always rely on the team I have put together for a specific event.

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Are you planning a social event? Would you like to put on a concert? Are you seeking artists for your festival or preview? Plan it with us.

MgA. Josef Korda